The Far Side of the World
Master and Commander

Big Photos

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It may take some time to download these photos, because they are huge.
I obtained most of them by installing the Maven Player, for others I did a blow up from smaller pictures.

battlein the heat of actionwith the boypanoramapanorama2lookingjack with his crewJack AubreyJack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin

woundedmusicianhaving taken a swim





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Backgrund Information about the
Napoleonic Wars and the Movie
Master and commander 5: huge photos
Cast and Crew The ships of those times
The crew of the Surprise (from the Premiere documents) The Royal Film Premiere
The Ships and Sets (from the Premiere documents) Creating the most realistic sea storm ever filmed (from the Premiere documents)
Historical and Character Research (from the Premiere documents) A dictionary of nautical terms for Landlubbers
The Captain's Log Musical Evenings with the Captain